Sunday, July 30, 2006

Jasper Morrison Vega Chair

Whether on its own or grouped, the Vega is comfortable without being overcomfortable.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Jasper Morrison Atlas Chair

Chair with stove enamelled steel base plate finished in matt metallic grey

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jasper Morrison Pan Table

Range of tables with detachable satined stainless steel base and top in natural oak, ebony-stained oak, matt white or beige lacquered.

Jasper Morrison Alma Sofa

This foamed polyurethane sofa features expanded foam padding varying in thickness.

Jasper Morrison Thinking Man's Chair

Easy chair in varnished metal with frame in tubes, seat and back in flat bars.

Jasper Morrison Bac Table

This natural oak, grey oak or Santos table is available in two sizes. The natural oak version is also available with a black linoleum top.

Jasper Morrison Orly Collection

Series of combinable seats realized in injection moulded soft polyurethane foam, with steel supports and rubber feet.

Jasper Morrison Orly Small Tables

Service table with structure in satined stainless steel and top in natural oak, macroter or polished lacquered.

Jasper Morrison B.B. Bookcase

Bookshelf on wheels with porthole-shaped back. Available in all macroter finishing. On demand, shelves can be ordered in different colour from structure/back.

Jasper Morrison Elan Collection

Range of seat-elements. Structure composed by frame in steel and wood and plastic belts. Upholstery in multi-density polyurethane foam.

Jasper Morrison Bed

Bed with frame in steel, wood and staves in beech plywood, padded with multi-density polyurethane foam. Legs in natural polished aluminium.

Jasper Morrison Tate Stool and Stackable Chair

Stool and stackable chair with base in satined stainless steel. Seat in beech plywood veneered with natural or ebony stained oak or macroter lacquered in colours of the collection.

Jasper Morrison Day Bed

Upholstered sofa with frame in wood and multi-density polyurethane.

Jasper Morrison Three Sofa de Luxe

Series of sofas, armchair and chaise longue with frame in plywood and multy density polyurethane foam, with or without backs, charterized by the particular line of seat.

Jasper Morrison Three Sofa System

Modular sitting elements with or without arms and poufs. Plywood and metal frame covered with multi-density polyurethane foam.

Jasper Morrison Omega Table

Table with top in white Corian and satined stainless steel base.

Jasper Morrison Morrison Stool

Stool in three heights, for kitchen and bar, with structure in padded plywood of multy-density expanded polyurethane.

Jasper Morrison Sleeper Bed

Bed with steel and fir-wood frame and staves in beech wood. Headboard in multi-density polyurethane. Cover in fabric or leather, removable only when in fabric.

Jasper Morrison Hi-Pad Chair

Chair with seat in beech plywood and multy-density polyurethane foam. Fixed cover in fabric and leather of the collection.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Jasper Morrison Stick Tables

Small dismountable tables with satin finish stainless steel base and top with cork surface. This is the set of the model designed in 2004. Round or rectangular top versions are available.

Jasper Morrison Gamma Table

Wooden table with internal frame in steel. Finish in natural, ebony ash-grey stained oak, macroter lacquered and polished alsquered in all colours of the collection.

Jasper Morrison Low-pad Armchair

Armchair with or without arms with seat in plywood and multy-density polyurethane foam. Cover in fabric or leather of the collection.

Jasper Morrison Sofa

“Chesterfield sofas ran through the England of my youth, for me they are the quintessence of all sofas and of the comfort of my home. All this is visible in the design of the armrest that seemed almost to draw itself while I was thinking about what needed to be done.” (Jasper Morrison)

Friday, July 14, 2006

Jasper Morrison Fluid Table

Range of square, round and rectangular tables with natural aluminium legs and tops in aluminium, natural maple, natural or ebony stained oak.

Jasper Morrison Oak Table Module

Oak Table Module is the name of a modular system of small tables that are part of the "neo-rural" trend which Jasper Morrison is working on with Cappellini.

Jasper Morrison Oblong Seating Collection

With no support structure, the padding is obtained with polystyrene beans.
The covering is zippered and may be removed.

Jasper Morrison Ply Chair

The Ply-Chair is a lightweight, wooden stool with surprisingly clear features. Its pure form and simple elegance are captivating. A matching Ply-Table and Low Ply-Table are also available.

Jasper Morrison ATM Dining Table

ATM (Advanced Table Module) was originally designed as an office system for
Vitra. With the new surface finishes and sizes, ATM becomes an elegant dining table with an exciting combination of materials.

Jasper Morrison Plate Table

The Plate Table has a classically convincing shape that is attractive thanks to the marvellous interplay of soft curves and precise edges.

Jasper Morrison Air Chair

Stacking chair. Suitable for outdoor use.